Live Chat Support Solution

Enriching customer experiences with chat facilities undoubtedly paves its way to increased brand loyalty, word of mouth promotion and higher sales along with elevated profits.

Chat Support Services

Chat is one such feature which we offer our clients with the help of which clients can build their credibility. Even a single query of a customer if answered attentively accompanied by a justified & sound answer can itself bolster the image of the brand in the market. Here at Girnar Care, the respective team will take care of your consumers ensuring viable solutions are provided to the customer via synchronized services for chat support.

We offer personalised chat support services to our clients which will cater specifically to the issues and concerns as faced by the customers either before, during or after the transaction. Cost-effective chat solutions are provided in accordance to provide real-time assistance aiming to convert browsers into buyers. With our multilingual resources, we are able to provide assistance to consumers with languages they are comfortable in.

What we offer?


Proactive & Reactive live chat support

Chat support is highly recommended over other mediums as it delivers a higher rate of CSAT/Customer Satisfaction and an experienced and professional team will be assigned specifically to each client.


Multiple product support

Our team handles a gamut of issues faced by the client’s customers ranging from simple one answer query calls to calls covering issues related to product make and engineering.


Easy Customization for UI and Web theme

High bounce rate on your website? Customers often complaining Bad User experience on the website.
This definitely calls for a redesign and website optimization according to the Customer experience and interface.


Pre Chat Questionnaire

For every client, a different Pre chat Questionnaire is formed. It helps the support staff to get a better understanding of the issue and give practical, improved solutions to the valuable customers.


Convert Chat to ticket

The chat between the customer and our team gets converted into a ticket, saved in system, used as a history to understand the issues faced by the customer and analysing solutions provided to him.


Chatbot AI

ChatBots also help in reducing the cost over personal live chat feature offering excellent customer service to the client’s customers.
Empowering customers with the right support has always sustained them in making the right purchase decision.

Other Services Offered by Girnar Care


Outsourcing E-mail assistance from Girnar Care helps clients to cater to their customers with effective solutions.

Product Review

We take care of negative and misleading reviews posted online by opponents and infiltrators as these highly influence the buying

Inbound Services

Girnar Care stands high as an Expert Contact center Outsourcing provider with fully trained & experienced consultants.

Back Office

Girnar Care stringently works opting for the best practices and keeps the client’s data secure under all circumstances.

Outbound Services

Girnar Care offers Outbound services which can help clients to untap new resources while keeping a check on the expenses.


MyTelly is a cloud-based call tracking system, that enables automatic lead follow-ups, recording, measuring and analysis of the calls

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