Outbound Services

Girnar Care offers Outbound services which can help clients to untap new resources while keeping a check on the expenses.

We offer outbound campaigns to uncover potential revenue opportunities, disseminate important business information or even support business operations. For example, reminding customers of upcoming appointments or past due payments. This level of service helps businesses differentiate themselves by providing an intimate experience that positively impacts customer satisfaction and retention.

Aligning your enterprise’s daily activities with an efficient outbound contact center will guarantee a thriving and satisfied customer base along with all the other crucial drivers for the success of an enterprise.

What we offer?


Verification Calling

Our Agents call the right set of customers at the right time and utilise their competencies while speaking to the interested customer.


Follow - up Calling

With proper training, our agents keep a hold of the customer and continuously take frequent follow ups throughout their transactional journey.


Market Survey Calling

Our agents believe in keeping the services offered in alliance with the customers needs and wants. Calls are made to our existing set of customers as well as the new ones and surveys are done to analyse the changing behavior and to keep up with the trends.


Payment collection

Agents make sure that they keep informing the customers with their payment dates and dues that they have to clear at a particular time. This ensures timely payment collection and customers tend to rely more on us.



The agents working with us have specialized knowledge about industries with proper training. They often try to upsell existing customers with other products and widen their current horizons



Suggesting customers with products that match their criteria with a different brand that they currently use gives the customer a feeling of higher satisfaction. Our agents proactively take care of it.

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