Cloud Telephony for Tourism Industry amidst crises

Travel & Tourism industry is one such industry which is struck hard during this pandemic. The unprecedented COVID 19 outbreak has forced almost everyone to postpone or cancel their plans, flights, trains and reservations. Keeping agents safe during the pandemic, Companies have ruled out Work from home policies to maintain business continuity. Embracing Remote working and newer technology is now a thing coming with its own set of hurdles. As customer help centres are experiencing higher call volume, the struggle to handle and answer them is a big struggle.

During such an unusual event, businesses should empathetically address each customer calls and instead strengthen their relationship. Everything is possible with:

  • A good contingency plan
  • Extended support to agents to handle Outbursting calls while working from home.
  • Adapting a conventional technology to make tasks easier and better.
  • Shaping new strategies to help customers.

Let’s look at how businesses and enterprises can reorient and frame themselves to battle against these unprecedented times:

1. Communication is the key:

Customer queries and doubts have taken a whole new turn. Will my money be refunded, Can you waive off the taxes in case of wallet transfers or what precautions are undertaken while travelling, customers have an entire set of worrying questions. The distressed and concerned customer needs an emotional connect with the correct guidance. Agents need to deal with the already irritated customer and guide them a way out considering their safety and continuation of plans.

2. Adapting Newer Techniques:

There might be a lot of newer queries due to the pandemic making it difficult for the agent to answer them as not each agent knows all answers. First call resolution should be the key to remove any obstacle and provide a good customer experience. Different departments need to designed for solving a particular set of questions with an enthusiastic approach should be followed to make the task easier.

3. Advanced Technology:

Be it if your agents are well versed to answer outbursting calls or you are backed up with an appropriate contingency plan, your business will always need the right technology for better functioning. One such technology is cloud telephony. 

There are numerous ways it can help you to increase your agents’ efficiency and provide your distressed customer’s relief. Let’s look at a few:

  • Routing calls to the right department and to the right agent to answer queries while reducing the chance of missing calls with the help of IVR.
  • Personalising calls by deriving the history of customers is an added advantage of using cloud telephony. The agents are enabled with the latest customer data making it easier to provide extremely personalised assistance via phone, email, or chat.
  • Use of Chatbots and Voicebots for quicker problem-solving via cloud telephony.
  • Self Service offered to avoid longer waiting on call ques.
  • Option for a call back is made available if there is a high volume of calls coming in at a particular point of time. This makes the customer feel important.
  • Connecting to the customer is simplified further with a presence on a variety of communication channels like social media or WhatsApp.

The uncertainty is here to exist for an unknown period, but that doesn’t mean loosing on to business and your valuable customers. Innovative techniques and advanced technology are an easier way out to help and keep hold of customers and battle along with them. 

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