Using Remote working to its full potential

Remote working effectiveness for business

The one thing that has been certain during this uncertain COVID 19 Pandemic is that each company needs to provide employees with alternatives to work efficiently. Alternatives which create a virtual environment that is safe and harmless to employees. One such concept that has been gaining popularity is remote working. The embark of 2020 showed the exceeding urge to work from a safer environment and simultaneously maintain business continuity. Each business has suffered the loss from this pandemic. As a matter of fact, Businesses weren’t prepared at all for this uncertainty with no previous plan of action set. Remote working, on the other hand, has proved to be an advantageous pillar for many businesses around the world. With its own set of advantages and disadvantages, it creates a virtual safe environment which maintains business continuity, satisfies customer wants & keeps everything normal.

Remote working isn’t bounded for the COVID 19 outbreak but also for natural/manmade calamities, unfavourable climate or utterly employee satisfaction. It also turns out that there are several other crucial points that prove the benefits of working remotely. This blog will discuss how businesses can use this concept to its full potential.

The optimistic approach to Remote working

There exists a lot of distrust for employees who choose to work remotely. Concerns related to productivity loss, absenteeism, lack of attention, supervision challenges along with operation failures are often considered as pitfalls of working remotely. However, as per the recent statistics, 86% of employees have a lower stress level with boosted productively when working from home. It is quite evident that working remotely will be the new normal in the future and act as a durable solution. Let’s understand how can you use a remote environment to its full potential.

Reaping advantages

Working remotely offers employees the freedom to work flexibly and boosts their motivation. It breaks the undying monotony of the office premises and boosts productivity. But the question of each business is how to achieve maximum advantages from this. Let us answer this for you.

A daily plan of action

A manager needs to design a strategic and structured plan of action and follow it on daily basis. Each day is a new beginning and it comes with different responsibilities. For a manager, it stands very important to have a structured meeting with his team on a daily basis. The daily calls ensure that all team members are aware of the daily tasks, roles and responsibilities. On the other hand, everyday strategic plan of action clarifies what is the expected level of productivity and sets clear goals.

Communication is the key for remote working

Never forget to communicate with your team. Working from home can lead to isolation and also result in absenteeism. Moreover, if communication is not to the point, it will lead to work confusion. It stands very important to offer motivation, encouragement and extra support during these uncertain days. Listen to what your employees have to say and solve their anxieties and issues. When you emphasize, they will believe you in more and discuss more problems with you.

Automation with cloud-based solutions

The amount of work coming in will be humongous and so will be the customer queries. Since the times are uncertain, confused customers or rather say terrified consumers are doubtful for things in the future. Customers will have big amounts of queries and are on the lookout for answers. If your agents aren’t equipped with the right techniques and technologies, it will be hard to manage your customer interaction. Here, cloud-based solutions act as a saviour to the current situation and help your agents to efficiently deal with your customers. Cloud telephony solutions like IVR, Missed Calls, Social media, Chatbots, etc provide practical communication. They help your agents to deal with every single customer query on time. In short, they ease out your work and offer great customer satisfaction with limited resources.


Using the right mix of everything will make remote working conditions favourable for both employees as well as the business. As a business manager, you can easily open the door to unlimited new possibilities which lead to business continuity, growth and customer satisfaction.
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