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Boosting customer responsiveness

In the last blog, we shared insights about why Customer Satisfaction stands utmost important in the current day scenario. Above all, we also shared how businesses can indulge in newer tools and techniques to improve operations. This blog is in continuation with the previous one as today we will discuss customer responsiveness. Customer satisfaction and responsiveness both go hand in hand as both of these enhance the value of your relationship with your customer.

The current market is huge for customers. With a dozen variety of products available in the market, shoppers have a lot of choices to choose from. They are smart, vocal, well-equipped with technology and aware. If you take care of them, they are bound to stay with you. But If they invest in your business and finds no returns, then they will happily move on. They need to be heard and answered and if you are unable to do so, then you incapable to satisfy your customers. To avert this and understand where you are going wrong, keep on reading and know it for yourself.

Understanding Customer Responsiveness

How much time does it take you to revert to a customer query? This determines your customer responsiveness. In simple language, the speed at which your business executives qualitatively respond to the incoming customer queries defines your customer responsiveness. For example, if your customer has to wait to get a reply to an e-mail enquiry for 1 week, then he might move on to another company.
Let’s look at what Customer Service statistics have to say:

  • A major chunk of 73% customer immediately fall in love with a brand and stay loyal because of the friendly and interactive customer service agents
  • Happy and satisfied customers will share their positive experiences with approximately 11 people.
  • Almost 70% of the consumer’s lifecycle depends on how they are treated.

At its heart, customer responsiveness is defined by “Quick and Right”. To have a competitive edge, businesses need to understand the true value of their customers and do what is right to attain them. Having the right knowledge with great interaction is what will sustain your business.

Understanding the benefits of great Customer Responsiveness

“It takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience” – Glance.

Holding on to your customer and providing him with first-class service will highly benefit your business. Did you know that repeat orders of your old customers tend to increase every time eventually? This makes it self-explanatory that your customers have built an everlasting trust on you.
A study by Invesp discovered that Finding and spending on new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than holding on and retaining existing customers. It’s easy to save on this budget by critically investing energy and efforts in great customer responsiveness. Therefore, let’s move on building better relationships and earning your brand positive light

Ways to increase customer service responsiveness

Analyse issues:

It makes no sense to run away or make excuses for the problems your customers have been overtime facing. Understanding what are the deviations and take necessary actions accordingly. The market is huge with many competitors. Don’t allow them to grab your customers. There can be a million issues which your businesses is facing. The lack of which will decline your customer satisfaction ratio. Get in the depth and make sure that all the problems are well taken care off. The below chart shows how customer usually react to bad customer responsiveness.

Devise a strategy:

Once you have found issues with your current system, analyse a proper plan of action. Bring light to the significance of having a plan and execute it to make things better. Devise strategies which your employees should always follow. Every customer inquiry is important and you should answer them all.Above all, reviewing and responding to all the queries will build you a responsible brand image. Be it if its negative or positive feedback, answering each one of it is necessary.
“According to Qualtrics, 50% of the customers believe their feedback doesn’t go to anyone who can actually act on it.”
Therefore, Step up on the game and take hold for what your customers have to say. Customer responsiveness will not be a big task then.

Train Employees:

To boost your customer responsiveness, train your employees respectively. How should your agent respond to the incoming inquiries or feedback shouldn’t be their personal perspective. Similarly, It should not be an answer which formulated because of their own thoughts. Their answers should be in alignment with the brand image. The solutions and responses posted will depict how as a brand you value your customers. Likewise, comes the speed and efficiency to answer. Therefore, Good, healthy, sound, accurate and effective responses will elicit good feedback from your customers. As a result, you will maintain good and healthy relationships.

Indulge in Automation

Leverage technology to simplify everyday tasks is an easy way out. Your brand may be on a zillion platforms and it can be hard to sort out all customer enquires. Therefore, using technology to help you deal with it will ease out regular operations. Adding in new technology like Helpdesk would help enable to cater to each customer query. This will present you with all the data at one screen, thus saving your time to wander around at different screens. Another great technology is the use of chatbots. They will help your agents save on their time to answer monotonous queries as it can handle it by itself. Everyone is using this and now you should too.


They want you to hear them and acknowledge their problems in an efficient manner. In addition, lack of customer responsiveness hinders steady business flow and likewise potrays a bad brand image. Happy and repeat customers are there with you. Take care of them.
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