Customer Satisfaction: Improve it with Modern Technology

Understand why customer satisfaction is necessary

How much time do you consider as an ideal time to respond to your customer queries?
12 hours? 25 hours? or even more than that? Confused? What do you ideally mean by the phrase “Customer satisfaction” and how can you increase it? Keep on reading to understand some facts that can change your outlook towards your customers and the service you provide. Let us explain to you what your customers expect and how much time you shall consider as an “IDEAL response time”. Uncover what your customers want from you and how shall you respond to them.

Let’s talk about statistics:

41% of the modern-day customers, expect companies to reply to their emails within a time frame of 6 hours and not more than that. Only a small percentage of 21% of consumers believe that it is okay for companies to take 1 working day to reply. The new-aged customer is vivid and is on the lookout to get answers immediately or within a short frame of time. What happens when they don’t get replies as expected?
Other statistics show us that, 71% of consumers expect to get answers from live chats within 5 minutes. If they don’t get it, then 48% of them will move on to another company.

The statistics tell us that if you as a brand want your customers to stick with you, then “Customer Satisfaction” and “Low Response Time” should be your priority. Your customers are your main source of revenue and losing one can cost you a deal. According to Salesforce, Attracting a new customer is 6-7 times more expensive than retaining a current one.
Well, this makes it clear, how important your customers are for your business. Let’s dive deep and understand how you can achieve a greater customer satisfaction ratio with a reduced response time.

Modes of Communication

New-aged customers know various ways to connect with you. Communication is now not only restricted to phone calls or emails. It has stretched its wings to a number of new verticles like Live Chat & Social Media. With communication now being digitalized, the customer understands the peculiarities very well and leverage these for their own good. Customers want real-time solutions and often indulge in live chat.
The below chart shows what mode of communication customers are now choosing over phone calls.

How to improve customer satisfaction

Now that the statistics say it all, the question here is how can you modernise your resources and match up to your customer expectation. The answer is simple. Implement and leverage the power of modernised technology with your present resources. As easy as it sounds, it is extremely easy to use as well. Being a pioneer in offering world-class cloud-based communication solutions, Girnar Care has come to your rescue.
With our modernistic approach to solving daily communication hurdles, you can top your game easily.
To sum up, the below approaches in amalgamation with our new technology will boost your customer satisfaction ratio in no time.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

1. Understand your customers:

Understand what your customer expects from you. Make use of surveys and take customer feedback to learn what they are looking for. Continuous real-time feedback will boost your marketing strategy and shape them accordingly. With features like IVR and SMS, you can ask your customers to provide you with feedback for the service you offer. These solutions are automated thus saving you time to call each customer personally. Questions like what is the best-suited channel of communication, Are there any issues customers are facing, etc can be easily asked via feedback forms.

2. Use Helpdesk:

Girnar care Helpdesk software helps you to streamline all your communication channel and other resources into one dashboard for you. This dashboard is easy to use and help you streamline your processes. It creates tickets for each query received on every channel of communication. Which further helps to prioritize communication. Most importantly, it saves time for your agents to toggle between various communication channels. 

3. Use Chatbots:

These can prove to be a game-changer for your business. Firstly, they help you to answer your customers on an immediate basis. Secondly, it automatically sorts out incoming customer queries. Thirdly, chatbots answer regular incoming queries without human intervention. Last but not the least, it saves up a lot of your employees time and depletes your response time to a great level.

4. Offering Self Support for high customer satisfaction:

Many customers can come to you for the easiest of queries and some can come to you for the most complex ones. It is important for you to answer to the complex ones on a priority but then this doesn’t; mean that you should ignore the simpler ones. An easy way out is to utilise self-support options or an elaborated open-to-all knowledge base.

Attributes which add to the customer satisfaction ratio

Harness the power of these modern tools and techniques and see how can you yourself boost customer satisfaction ratio in almost no time. Not just fast response but a quality response is the key.
If you are not leveraging these solutions, then this is the right time for you. Call us now and learn how to make your customers happy and improve your brand reputation.

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