Read This Before Choosing a Predictive Dialer Software Solution for Your Business

What is Predictive Dialer:

An outbound calling system that automatically helps to dial a list of telephone numbers sorted on the first hand to call. With the help of a predictive dialer, agents screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers and disconnected numbers.

The predictive dialer makes several calls using algorithms based to ease out the work for agents. An agent before had to manually call on each number and wait till the call got connected on the other side. The Predictive Dialer has made things a lot easier and workable for the agents.

Calls are automatically dialled to the numbers present on the list. Here, with the predictive dialer, no agent has to wait until the calls get picked up by the customer to answer. What happens here is the calls which get connected are then routed to agents who are not taking any calls at that particular moment.

This system helps to automatically make dialling decision based on a certain technology-based algorithm to support and help agents for smoother transactions and also save their time. Although this technology for predictive diallers was first introduced for banks to call their customers but then later other businesses have adopted this technology to multiply the productivity of their agents’ overtime. This technology has now been used service (SaaS) solution based in the public cloud.

How does a predictive dialer work?

A predictive dialer works through an exceptional algorithm that builds a pattern to automatically call a customer when an agent is free to take up a call. So e.g., All the agents are busy on calls with the customer solving issues, as soon as an agent gets free from a call, the predictive dialer calls another customer on behalf of the agents and patches the call when it gets connected.

The algorithm here defines that the pattern the dialer uses follows to call customers only when an agent is free to take calls. There can be other patterns that the predictive dialer can follow as mentioned below:

  • The number of agents available to take calls
  • The number of active agents which can take calls
  • The average call time of the calls made
  • The list which mentions the number of (leads)
  • The average dialling time
  • The average response time
  • The average pick up time
  • The average call traffic

Benefits that a predictive dialer holds for your business:

1. Your agents can convert leads into sales easily

The probability of reaching out to potential customer increases over 3-5 times with the help of predictive dialers as the agents saves up times and energy and gets redirected to live calls. 

2. No extra hardware required to install

A computer, a good internet connection and agents to take up the calls of distressed customers is all that you need and the rest you can leave up to the Predictive dialer to work on.

3. Connects customers to agents 

While using a predictive dialer, it smartly makes calls to only those numbers in the list who have the most chances of being connected and are termed success calls. The agents do not have to waste time on non-existing numbers, calls transferred to voicemails, busy numbers or numbers with DND service on.

4. Auto-redial & Scheduling

With the help of advanced algorithms, the predictive dialer can put the numbers which aren’t connected in the first place on the redial service. A schedule is set and calls are made again.

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How effective are predictive dialers for a business:

Predictive dialers have been delivering dramatic results depending on business to business. There are studies online which also show how with the use of predictive dialers, businesses have improved their agent’s productivity by 200 – 300%. These stats are themselves quite stand-alone to prove the effectiveness of predictive dialers.

One can choose a predictive dialer based on a whole variety of reasons depending upon the campaigns and services they offer. MyTelly’s Predictive dialer software solution will provide your business and benefit from its advanced algorithm abilities to completely accommodate your company working style and the number of agents you work with to deliver a seamless customer experience.

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