What is an Autodialer and why should your business invest in it?

Autodialer and its benefits

A phone call is the best way to connect with your target audience. It not only allows one to communicate but also assists to pass on any important information. Though there may be various ways to interact with your audience, phone calls are the most preferred ones. They are quick, efficient and deliver timely information.
But what if you could automate these phone calls?
Automating will help to enhance the agent’s productivity, speed up the communication process, reduce downtime and offer other benefits too.
You can also reap similar benefits and automate your communication process with an autodialer. In this blog, we will learn what is an autodialer and what benefits does it offer. So let’s get straight into it.

What is an autodialer?

It is an outbound dialer software which supercharges your outbound calling process. It automatically dials a large set of contacts/ list of customer leads. The automatic dialling part saves meaningful time of your agents to manually call & connect to each customer lead. Autodialer saves up an agents time & efforts to perform such monotonous calls each day. The call only patches up with a live agent when a customer answers it.

There are 2 ways to use Autodialers:
1. Autodialer makes the call and then connects it to a live agent,
2. Send pre-recorded messages to a larger audience without any human interference.

How do they work:

  • Design a campaign: Select a phone number to dial calls from and compose a new outbound campaign.
  • Call Lead list: Formulate a list which consists of potential call leads on which calls will be made.
  • Agents VS IVR: Choose which agent(s) will handle the campaign you will run or assign a self-help menu with IVR.
  • Connect seamlessly with an Autodialer: Calls will be automatically made from the call lead list. The calls will either be connected to a live agent or will divert to IVR depending upon what you choose.

Why choose an autodialer?

Autodiallers help you to improve your communication process and connect your agents with your customers hassle-free. This outbound software comes with all the tools and techniques you need to effectively run campaigns. Now, let’s look at what are the advantages of using one.

No manual tasks:

Your agents don’t need to manually make calls to each customer and wait for the call to get answered. This frees up your agents time and effort and rather help him to work on pleasing the customer. Calling a humungous list of potential customers manually will also lead to errors. In other words, Automated dialling makes the communication process easy and error-free.

Call analysis:

Detailed reports are one major advantage which comes with autodialers. These reports consist of how many calls happened, number of calls answered, not connected numbers etc. Moreover, the reports also help one to analyse how many calls got answered by the agent. Each call is also recorded which gives entrepreneurs the leverage to keep a check on how agents are performing.

Cutting down costs:

So these smart solutions reduce the unnecessary costs involved in hiring extra manpower to make calls. Since every call is made automatically, no human intervention is required. So now enterprises can use fewer resources and work with the same efficiency to connect with customers.

Reduces manpower

An Autodialer software helps cut down on manpower by significantly increasing agent productivity, thereby enabling companies to achieve more with fewer resources.

Increased revenue

Agents save on time by not manually dialling on phone numbers and rather allow themselves more time to speak to customers directly. They could easily connect with the target audience and build fruitful relationships leading to high conversion rate. Increased revenue will be automatically followed by high conversion rates.

Collecting feedback

With the help of automatic dialling, you can collect feedback easily from your target audience. Sending out survey and collecting feedback via IVR can be easily done with a larger set of audience. This feedback will allow you to takecare of what a customer demands and offer them exactly the same.

Now you can also revamp your communication process and allow your agents to build better customer relationships with Autodialers. Want to know more about it, then call us now.

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