Trends that will redefine customer experience in 2021

2021 customer experience trends

Creating exceptional customer experience and providing great customer satisfaction always tops the list for any entrepreneur and his business. No matter what industry you belong to, you should always prioritize your customers. But, the year 2020 was quite uncertain for all industries which stilled everything. It did put a halt because of the challenging times we faced. Businesses were uncertain whether they will be able to survive or not and cater to the need of their targetted audiences. These conflicting times led to business, customer and people damage. Little did we know that each of us will have to evolve in these tough times and create something exceptional to rise in the game.

So here we are in the new year 2021, with our innovational ideas changing landscape of the year 2020.

With technological advancements and creative ideas, industries are again booming to cater to customer demands. The pandemic is still here with an unknowing uncertain time period but it cannot stop us from doing what we can do. To stay in the game, we have tied hands with face-growing technological advanced to ace the art of customer satisfaction. This blog will cover the top 3 trends that business entrepreneurs should watch out for in 2021 that will provide great customer experience. So let’s get into it.

Top 3 Trends to watch out for in 2021 for great customer experience.

A modern-day customer has evolved in dynamic ways. He doesn’t want a nice or average experience. He wants something big, exceptional and life-changing. The competition is huge and so are the customer demands. A wise customer knows what he wants and will always consider his options before investing. He is smart and practical and understands his needs. For attracting him, business entrepreneurs all around the world are working to formulate strategies which can lure him in. And here comes our exceptional technologies that have paved ways in which one can achieve to create extraordinary customer experiences.

Below we will take about three rising trends that are going to shape Customer experience in the year 2021.

Advanced Artificial intelligence

The term artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer. It has actively transformed how business enterprises work and connect with their target audiences. As this conventional technology becomes popular each day, customer worldwide are becoming responsive and gradually accepting it. The reason behind its acceptance is a shift towards a great experience that a customer gets when he uses AI-powered solutions. Moreover, if we go along with the statistics, 62% of the consumers are proactively accepting Artificial intelligence to certainly improve their experience( SALESFORCE).

According to Gartner, 15 % of the entire consumer service interactions by 2021worldwide will be fully powered and assisted by Artificial intelligence tools. Business enterprises that are currently using AI-powered Chatbots and virtual number/ virtual assistants to boost customer experiences.

AI-powered solutions help to provide:

  • Timely addressing customer problems, providing immediate resolutions and improve communication between both the parties.
  • Initiating personalised communication with customers.
  • Re-defining customer experiences.
  • Decreased wait time, call-hold time resulting in low customer frustration.
  • Automatic and intelligent routing of customer calls without human intervention.
  • Handling monotonous customer queries automatically.
  • Elevated support extended to customer service reps while handling calls, etc.

Humanly Personalised customer experience.

Customer loyalty is what each brand wants. Loyalty is often driven by human emotions & sentiments. Once you value them, it makes the customer feel special leading him to connect with you. 2020 was the year when every brand tries to connect with its customer sentiments and valued them. Brands values the emotional stage every consumer went through the pandemic. This changed scenarios on how customer perceive a good brand to be. 2021 will be no different. Consumers are looking out for brands which show a human presence and value one’s emotions. Along with arose the concept of a personalised consumer experience.

There will be an inclination towards brands which offer a humanly personalised experience. A brand which shows empathy towards its customers. Once again the statistics tell us that 71% of the consumers are inclined towards brands again who have shown them care and empathy in their past transactions. Moreover, a personalised experience makes a customer feel special and different. Who would like such an exceptional experience after all?

Don’t treat your customer like strangers or irritated people who keep returning for solutions. Rather, look at them with a perspective so different that could bring you more loyalty and free brand ambassadors.

Remote customer experiences

2020 was the year when everything went remote. Remote working, operations, customer interactions, customer service, transactions, campaigns and everything that one can imagine went online & remote. 2020 gave rise to a new remote work setting where everything was handled online. This trend hugely impacted business enterprises, its employees and consumers. Though at the start it may seem to look like a huge hurdle but now it has passed all staged effectively. Giving plenty of benefits to all with just a click online, everyone is preferring to continue this trend in 2021.

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Businesses have saved budgets spent on rent space, machinery, electricity and technology while employees find it comfortable to work from remote locations. Employees working remotely have redefined ways in which they could provide exceptional customer service to their customers from a virtual workspace. They have effectively streamlined processes and worked a way that could benefit both the business and its customers.

Employees are now focussing on delivering flawless customer experiences without setting their foot in the office premises. They have done that with automated cloud telephony solutions. These automated technology has expanded one’s horizons and effectively served customers in a better way.

There we have it for you, top three customer experience trends that you as a business entrepreneur should watch out for in this year. These trends are accelerated by speedy technological advancements and smart solutions. These trends will keep growing and shaping themselves into something new and advanced. But, the focus will always be the same to deliver a customer experience one would have never thought of.

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