How Gamification Can Keep Call Center Agents’ Boosted

How Gamification Can Keep Call Center Agents' Boosted

If you’re a manager or a team leader often come across to motivate your team players most of the time to bring productivity.

Isn’t it…

There are many ways to improve call center agents’ productivity and performance. And you may have used a number of ways to motivate your employees. But, did you impose gamification yet? 

No, So sad 🙁

Gamification changes the negative attitude of the employee, drives motivation, and creates a culture in which more productivity can be achieved and, in turn, get rewarded and recognized. 

The word ‘Gamification’ may sound similar to a game or puzzle. Gamifying inherits game models that are strategies to evoke agents’ ability and their morale. Some of the most common games you can implement are The War Room, Bingo, Chase The Parcel, and Points Are Reward.

Gamification is not restricted to just a call center. Any size and nature of the business can think to implement because it is a universal theory like management. 

Why you should gamify your workplace? 

Gamifying your workspace creates an overall better environment. It leads to an competitive healthy workplace for agents to drive more engagement and where they can continuously improve in order to be rewarded on an ongoing basis. 

Here are more reasons to read about how gamification can keep call center agents’ motivated. 

1. Prompts Healthy Competition

Competition is everywhere! Whether it’s external with other market brands or internal between agents and policies. It is important to prompt healthy competition both inside and outside. With gamification inline, the workplace alludes to employees having a clear eye on the prize and this is the best way to create healthy competition and motivate staff to improve their performance. 

2. Encourages Inner Genius and Creativity

Gamification activities trigger agents to participate in the idea and to prove their ability. By incorporating into the subject of whatsoever drive motivation and encourage them to come out at full potential. 

Additionally, it activates creativity by stimulating them to think out of the box and extend minds for good results. 

3. Get performance insights

Performances and grades also help in motivating your employees. With gamification in the schema, you could collect crucial insights about each and every employee’s job roles as it gives you the ability to establish metrics and measure employee performance. 

From the collected data, you could see who is performing best and meeting goals, even who could benefit from a little extra training and coaching.  

4. Creates Team Collaboration

The best about gamification is that it creates team collaboration. To achieve a particular goal, you need a team that may lead you effectively and efficiently. Gamification gives you the enrapturing ability to organize a team in the way you want. With gamification metrics in hand, you can build a team with equal zeal and accomplished skills. In this way, you have an organized team of agents that will ensure increased productivity. 

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Things Need To Be Gamify In Your Workplace

There are many things you can gamify in your workplace. Right from creating a suitable atmosphere to change in training and development activities. Here’s a look at the things you can gamify in your premises for better results. 

  • Reduce onboarding time
  • Improve customer interactions
  • Gamify learnings
  • Gamify performance
  • Agent’s morality and behavior
  • Gamify the speed of calling functions such as Average speed of answer, first call resolution, average hold time, average handling time, etc

Call Center Gamification: Conclusion

Gamification brings focus, integrity, and values in agents which help them to deliver good results viz – good customer services, achieving goals in time, accomplishing job roles as per regulatory, and much more. 

Gamification is easy to implement just remember to look out for the areas where it should implement. Also, try to write down the queries in advance so the gamification process becomes easier. 

If you’ve implemented gamification in your call center, you increase the chance of profitability and bring healthy competition. But, in case you didn’t…it’s time to go through this blog. 

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