Tips to Reduce Hold Time in Your Call Center

Reduce hold time with Cloud telephony

Your customers need your maximum time and attention. In order to be a brand that cares for its customers, not only when someone buys something, but also with the after service. All they need is someone who can solve their hassle immediately and provide the best inbound call center solution.

Customers call a service call center when they feel lost or have complaints about the products/services they bought. But most of the time, they get frustrated with calls put on hold or longer call durations. The longer a customer calls in put on hold, the more frustrated they get. In other words, the chance of losing potential customers becomes high.

This blog will provide some tips that help to reduce hold time when customers need your help

Well, according to statistics, 60% out of 2500 consumers believe that putting a call on hold for more than 1 minute is too long. Likewise, 32.3% of consumers believe that call center agents should answer calls immediately without putting calls on hold. Thus, reduce hold time stands to be a major plus for call center companies.

Reduce hold time: Know how you can do it

It doesn’t really matter for customer’s to immediately change brands. Brands that make them feel good about their purchase will always be a customer’s choice. No matter how good your brand’s put on hold music is, your business is at great risk of losing customers.

So how can you deal with such a problem? Don’t worry we are here to help you out.

With a traditional phone system, there is nothing much you can do. You cannot equip it with great technology that serves your customer well. Even if you could do that, it would cost you a fortune. Well, in this case, Girnar Care’s cloud-based smart solutions are here to help you out. With Cloud solutions, you equip yourself with a magnitude of ways to reduce call time. Let’s look deep into it.

Number one solution is IVR

Yes, you got it right. Interactive voice recognition is a great way to reduce your call hold time.
With this, you allow your customers to seamlessly solve their own problems without the involvement of an agent. A customer will call you, follow the recorded steps, select his options, feed input and voila he solves his own problem. This ensures there are no calls put on hold. In situations where there is an urgent need to speak to a human agent, IVR directs your call to the desired agents without frustrating the customer.

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Self-help chat options

So a customer doesn’t have enough time to make a call to get a solution, he can simply connect with a chatbot. Yes, chatbots are a great way to communicate with your customers in a fuss-free manner. Chatbots are available on your website and a customer can visit them to connect to you.

Chatbots have pre-written answers to questions that most customers ask. So this saves your agent’s time too. Your agents can now free themselves to answer monotonous questions and rather work on more important ones. Want to know more about chatbots, then click.

Call history availability to reduce hold time

So callers often get irritated when they get connected to an agent who cannot solve their problem. The next thing that happens is the call gets routed to another agent. Meanwhile, the customer gets irritated explaining their problem to almost every agent his call connects to.

So with the long call-hold time and explaining details, every time frustrates the customer. Indirectly, increasing the chances of losing a customer to a bad customer experience. With Girnar care’s cloud telephony dashboard, you can reduce this frustration. Each time a call comes in, this dashboard store the call recording and details of the call.

The details include the problem, solution offered and other important call inputs. So the next time the same customer calls, the dashboard shows the call history. The agent then can read all the call history and then communicate with the customer. The customer on the other hand doesn’t have to reexplain everything. This also leaves a good mark on the customer as he believes that the brand cares for him and knows his history.

The bottom line

Cloud telephony solutions have so much more to offer you and your business. From seamless communication, great customer experience, easy to use technology to cost-saving, less agent burnout and much more, all this is possible with cloud telephony.

Call us now and we’ll help you to access technologies that can help you to increase your brand value and offer a great customer experience.

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